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And what it all comes down to, my friends...

is that I haven’t got it all figured out just yet.


This week has been a bit fuzzy wuzzy, with added random soul searching.

I was silly to assumed that, by making my website more appealing and by writing blog stuff, it would attract loads of folks. 🤔 Apparently , it doesn’t...

Yes..........I’m still so very naive at my age.😜

and I don’t have any of the answers of how to “make it”

Somebody said to me this week, that I needed a “reality check” 😳 and that I should carry on making smaller things that people are willing to pay small prices for..... and I stupidly listened.

So.....I did that..... I went back to creating smaller items...similar to the items I started out with years ago .....and it felt like I was in reverse, and was not enjoying it... at all.😕

It doesn’t excite me... I‘m feeling numb, bored and completely un-inspired.

I am not annoyed with this person for saying this....they’re just trying to help....just more annoyed with myself for listening.


Today, I shoved those little things to one side.....and I started on something more exciting, something big...striving for something that makes me go...... “WOW!!” 🤗


I guess what I’m trying to say to you guys is...don’t settle for less!! Be true to yourself, follow your heart ❤️ and don’t give up!! ☺️✌️


”what‘s the use of *living if you ain’t gonna break the mould“

Prince 💜

Lea 😘✌️

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