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Challenge or Chore?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Joining in, or not joining in?

Is it really a Challenge or just a Chore for you?

So many different “Challenges” going on in Instagram and Facebook.

It’s become really popular and appears to be a great way to meet new friends and gather more followers.

Follow this or that # join the trend 🙄

So, I tried it... some of the more popular ones....MarchMeetTheMaker and the Seaglass challenge, where, for a whole month, everyday... one shares the “prompt for the day” and it appears to work for others......... but not for me.

what happened?

I got bored.... and although I like reading what some of the others have to share....I wasn’t feeling it.

I’m aware that my opinion is going to be an unpopular one....but that’s just what it is peeps....my opinion.... in a wave of ”followers” “joiners” are we all “Chained to the Rhythm“ ?

So, What has happened to make me go against the grain?

This......I got fed up with sharing someone else’s opinions on what should be shared. 🤔 Does that even make sense? 😄

After the 3rd day... I found it annoying...why was I even doing it? My content was dull....and It became a bore......a Chore.

So, if something‘s not bringing you happiness, why are you even doing it?

We’re all changing and growing all the time.

I’m learning to share my content when I “feel” it. 🤗

Just lately, I’ve become more aware of why I‘m sharing something.....

.I’m thinking....

.Is this going to make others smile?

Is it going to make me smile? 😊

Does it make me happy?

I’m going with my own feels.... owning it.


Do what makes You happy!!

Gratitude 🙏🏼

Happy 😊

Until next time 😘😘

Love Lea

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