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I’m all discombobulated..again 🥴

Creating a Website, by yourself.

It’s not rocket science..( I actually beg to differ) but attempting to build your own website,( even with the help of Wix....it’s a trick of theirs “See how easy it is“ 😳) is a complete befuddlement of the mind. 🤪

To the person that’s not so tech savvy, it’s a complete pain in the arse....an actual minefield of mental destruction....a land of proper confusion....a soul destroying bed of despair.

There’s a mountain of conflicting advice about how your website should feel, appear ..............et cetera, et cetera, et cetera 🙄

So, without wanting to sound too much like one of my bff’s ( Siri )

....Here’s what I found on the web.....

1. To be taken seriously, Website must appear to be professional. Don’t be too familiar and joke...you are not a clown.🤡

But........this too

1. Seriously, you need to make it humorous, don’t be boring, show off your personality, make it fun.


2. Talk about your art, don’t be too personal , have an air of mystery.


2. Talk about yourself, your likes and dislikes, get personal, show off your true colours.


3. You must price your artwork online. Make prices visible to potential customers.

Also this....

3. Never include prices/cost on your artwork, if somebody is genuinely interested, make it easy for them to contact you for more information.

4. You must use SEO’s on your website...

( what even????? somebody just shoot me now 🤯)

This too.....

4. Adding SEO’s to your website is pointless in the current market.

(😑 seriously, I just wasted days of my life finding out what it was and trying to implement it into website....dead)

5. You must post on social media at least 3 times a day, to maximise traffic.


and this

5. Posting On social media too often could lose genuine followers. Post suitable content, not waffle for the sake of it.

So, this is just the beginning, it’s going well...clearer than mud, but not as clear as dish water.

This is my website.....so far....it’s a work in progress, things will change, stuff will be added...I’m trying to make it “me“ in the best way I can.

Any constructive criticism or words of advice are always very welcome. ☺️🙏🏼 Or even a share of this blog if you can relate.

Love Lea x

Mosaic Artist



Now and then Illustrator

Sometimes Painter

Occasional Blogger

Website blagger

Gin connoisseur

Lady Boss

.....amongst a load of other stuff.... which I’ll leave until next time



Me, being a clown 🤡

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