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New to all this blog blah

....but not new to going slightly bonkers in the head on a daily basis.

So anyway, today I stepped out of my little workshop box ( the comfy zone) drove a 3hr round trip to the south coast and walked my clumpy size 5's into a couple of Art Galleries with high hopes of getting somewhere to display my Artwork ( that's what I'm calling it anyway ;-D )

It's was never just going to be that easy though was it?

I've arrived home with some good advice, but feeling rather disillusioned and wondering where on earth my artwork belongs. Mars? the Moon? or perhaps in the trash??

It's a bitter pill to swallow...hearing these words....

"Our clientele is more 'high end' "

"Have you tried a craft fair?"

Throwing pebbles

"You should stay local to where you live"

"Mosaics are not what people want"

To be honest, that last one....really?

In my opinion, people looking for artwork don't know what they want until they see it.

Moving on.....it was a learning curve, and I'm not giving up that easily.

I've only just got started!!

On the plus side....I got 5 mins (not too aggressively ;-)) throwing pebbles into the sea....

Xx Lea xX

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