SOLD "Blazing Sunshine" Birdbath or FruitBowl
  • SOLD "Blazing Sunshine" Birdbath or FruitBowl

    175.00 GBP


    Sunshine, the most precious gold to be found on earth.


    Stunning Garden Art Birdbath.

    3 layer birdbath.

    Inpired by Sunshiney Days, colours, incorporating, stained glass,tiles, buttons, mirror and beads.

    Sealed with a special sealant suitable for wildlife.

    Measures approx 42cm across.


    Commissions welcome.




    Taking Care of the Birdbath.

    Designed for use in the Garden.

    This item is not suitable to be outdoors in frosty conditions. Birdbaths left outdoors in frozen conditions can result in cracks in the grout.

    Can be cleaned using water and white vinegar.

    Carefully created using a special sealant, which is non toxic to wildlife.