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Unicorn Bubbles Birdbath *SOLD
  • Unicorn Bubbles Birdbath *SOLD

    Unicorn Bubbles Birdbath.


    "Make your dreams happen......Magic is Real"


    Beautiful arrangement of Turquoise and Purple tones is reminiscent of magical unicorn colours.

    Measures 45cm across.


    Taking Care of the Birdbath.

    Designed for use in the Garden.

    This item is not suitable to be outdoors in frosty conditions. Birdbaths left outdoors in frozen conditions can result in cracks in the grout.

    Can be cleaned using water and white vinegar.

    Carefully created using a special sealant, which is non toxic to wildlife.


    * Does not come with stand, but many different types can be purchased very reasonably at most Garden Centres.

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