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Lea has been working in Mosaic and Stained Glass for over 15 years.  Initially studying textiles and surface pattern, Lea fell in love with the mosaic technique and process after attending workshops whilst residing in Cyprus.

Predominantly self taught, she creates and designs bespoke pieces using her own substrates and has developed her own unique style in sculpture.

Inspired by the sea and its mystery, Lea captivates its beauty in her work. 

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Lea holding whale tail

" The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. "

- Jacques Couteau



Exhibition Pieces

mosaic art close up

At ArtSeaLea, every sculpture and design is a reflection of my passion for art and the ocean. As a solo artist, I handle every aspect of the creation process, from the first sketch to the final photograph. I take pride in my ability to create unique and beautiful pieces of art, using techniques and methods that have been perfected over years of practice. With ArtSeaLea, you can be sure that every piece you purchase is a true masterpiece, made with love and dedication by a true artist.

mosaic art piece

Watching programs such as David Attenborough's Blue Planet, and scrolling through reels on Instagram, has really drawn my attention to oceanic creatures and in particularly Whales and Sharks. 

They are quite mysterious and I find quite mesmerising.


I wanted to find a way to create something amazing in mosaic that I haven't seen before.......and right now, I think I have found that way..... and turned my creations into something truly special.

I am hugely drawn-in and have an enormous sense of being at peace by the sea, beach, watching waves and feel so inspired by the colours, light, reflections. 

Explore My Sculptures

At ArtSeaLea, every sculpture and design is a reflection of my passion for art and the ocean.

Take a look for yourself.

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