Abstract art, created and inspired by the seas curves and reflections.

Beautiful Stained Glass mosaic intertwining found beach treasure, such as shells, seaglass and driftwood. 

Recycling wherever possible.

My Thoughts

Art is my therapy. I enjoy experimenting and messing around with textures and materials, whilst soul searching and pushing boundaries. 

I love trying out new ideas, they don't always work out, but inevitably lead to other ideas.

It almost always makes a mess of both myself and my workshop.

"A Creative mess is better than idle tidiness"

It can be annoying and frustrating that some people do not recognise Mosaic as Art.

One of my personal goals, is to alter the opinions of those individuals.

I don't want to conform to societies rules about who and what we should be... so let's try and break the mould.

I believe that Life is a "work in progress", so when does one stop trying?? Never!!

While I'm here, I'd like to make it as much fun as I possibly can.


In the words of Prince....

"Life, it ain't real funky

Unless it's got that pop"

Let's try and have a laugh,  break some stupid rules. 

Have Fun.

 Where the Magic Happens

I am extremely fortunate enough to have my very own creative workshop space in our garden. It was made and designed by my fella, who is gold when it comes to DIY. Almost everything has been salvaged (recycled), from the wood to the double glazing doors. Luckily he puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas.

How it works with you, me and commissions

If you love beaches, waves, or mosaics, everything coastal and all it's beauty and treasures, you've come to the right place.

I can incorporate your own personal sea treasures into a bespoke unique work of art.

Or perhaps you have some old crockery, that you can't part with for sentimental value, let me work with your ideas to upcycle your treasures into bespoke wall decor.

What Makes Me Tick?

I love music... and listen to all kinds of everything... depending on my mood. 

Just turn up the volume and dance around the kitchen kind of girl.

...and secretly, I'm a Dancing Queen, from my days on the Butlins stage.

Music is food for the soul.

In any other spare time I have, (which mostly involves avoiding doing the housework) I love to pick up a pencil and sketching/doodling, some of which you can find on this page.   

I find inspiration from reflections, texture and movement, and I am hugely influenced by the flowing curves of the Art Nouveau movement and era.

But take me to the Beach and I'm in my element..in my favorite place, no matter what the weather.

Working in my little creative zone often involves huge amounts of concentration and patience, being able to sit in the same position, sometimes for hours at a time... and my release from this?

The Gym.

I try my best at both running and weights, and one day, very soon, I'm gonna be super lean and muscley...I just need to wean myself from anything labelled "salted caramel".

Me, with

The Angel of Mottisfont

By Boris Anrep

On a personal note

After completing A Levels in Art & Design, Textiles and Photography, it wasn't until much later that I discovered my love for Mosaics whilst living in Cyprus.

At the time my ( then 4 yr old) son was in the process of being diagnosed with Autism, Dyspraxia and moderate learning disabilities.

I am eternally grateful to a

"Higher Power"

For guiding me to this truly wonderful gift.

Mosaic Art became a way that allowed me to focus on my creative skills, whilst opening my eyes to the complexity of his Autism diagnosis and how to understand it.


My son is now 15 and it's becoming apparent that he may struggle to fend for himself in the outside world, and more than likely will have depend on myself and others to help him for the rest of his life.  

........and I've just given up the booze.....

but that's another story.

Thanks for reading if you got this far....




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